Bonnie Oldre

From an early age, I loved books. One of my prized childhood possessions was my library card. I remember hours spent at the library, happily turning pages with fingers wrinkled by summer hours spent playing in the adjacent city swimming pool. While reading, I was transported to a whole new world of adventure and information. I was interested in everything.

Some of my favorites included the Hardy Boys and Sherlock Holmes stories, and, later, Agatha Christie’s novels. That love of the mystery story, and the nostalgia of those by-gone days, infuses the cozy mysteries that I write.

They feature Beth Williams, a library assistant in her fictional hometown, Davison City, located in northwestern Minnesota. Beth has a knack for stumbling into mysteries that she solves with the help of her best friend, Evie.

A poem published in my high-school student anthology was my first publishing credit. I didn’t save a copy—probably just as well—but it sparked a passion for writing. After earning a degree in English Literature from the University of Minnesota, my first publishing-related job was copy-editing church bulletins in the morning and driving a van all over the metro area delivering them in the afternoon. I also volunteered as a writer and editor for our neighborhood newspaper, The Powderhorn Horn, and even sold a couple of short stories to romance magazines.

But, earning a living and raising a family took precedence. So, I went back to graduate school, earned an MLIS, and spent the next couple of decades working as a librarian. But, the desire to write never diminished and ultimately propelled me into taking writing classes at the Loft Literary Center, in Minneapolis Minnesota, and the University of Minnesota.

A life-long Minnesota resident, my husband and I have two grown sons and a tribe of grandchildren. We, and our kitty-cat, Chocolate, live in Minneapolis.

In addition to the Beth and Evie Mystery Series, I write short stories and historical fiction. I am working on publishing some of my works later this year. I will post updates as I know more.

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