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Flood of Memories, the next Beth and Evie Mystery, is Coming Soon

Spring, 1969. Warm temperatures and rain quickly melt the snow, raising the specter of record flooding in Northwestern Minnesota. The peace of Davison City is further disrupted when an elderly resident, Miss Almira Archer, suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances. Her nurse caregiver turns to Beth Williams for help. A missing will, a mysterious painting, and…

Have a Pretty Good New Year

We are always wishing each other a Happy New Year. In reality, most years don’t live up to the hype. We get sick, the winters are too cold, the summers too hot and (ironically), too short, the (fill in the blank) costs too much or breaks down. In the spirit of “it could always be…

Next up?

I am brainstorming my next Beth and Evie mystery book; trying to lay the groundwork for a really good mystery. What adventures next await my dauntless duo? According to James N. Frey, in his book, How to Write a Damn Good Mystery, a really good idea is the first step. So, “bubble, bubble, toil and…

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