Have a Pretty Good New Year

We are always wishing each other a Happy New Year. In reality, most years don’t live up to the hype. We get sick, the winters are too cold, the summers too hot and (ironically), too short, the (fill in the blank) costs too much or breaks down. In the spirit of “it could always be... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Okay, so 2020 wasn’t a great year.  But, here are a few things that made a not-so-great year, not-so-bad, in no particular order: Take outOutdoor dining at restaurants (summer)Parks, trails, and sidewalks for walkingBeachesSocial media (a mixed blessing, I know)TV & moviesDeliveryStaying HealthyGarbage pick-up (Odd, you say?  After a missed week, when our block was... Continue Reading →

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