Next up?

I am brainstorming my next Beth and Evie mystery book; trying to lay the groundwork for a really good mystery. What adventures next await my dauntless duo? According to James N. Frey, in his book, How to Write a Damn Good Mystery, a really good idea is the first step. So, “bubble, bubble, toil and... Continue Reading →


Did you ever want to fly away, beat it, break out, take off, and disappear? I think we have all had that impulse, from time to time, when things seem intolerable, or simply stifling. In the case of Agatha Christie, she followed through on that impulse and disappeared for eleven days. That real event is... Continue Reading →

Time to Hunker Down

These are dark and disturbing times.  Recently, soot laden air from western wildfires further dimmed the darkening skies, as winter slouches towards us.  Ominous signs abound--cue the distant drumming.  Disease stalks the land.  Civil bonds unravel.  A sudden change in the weather prematurely forced us into our seasonal cocooning.  A pleasant start to the month... Continue Reading →

Free stuff: e-books, resources for kids and parents, capitalization

I subscribe to a variety of online resources for writers and readers, so good ideas keep popping up in my inbox. Jane Friedman's latest edition of Electric Speed contained several especially good resources. For kids learning at home, Scholastic offers day-by day projects: adults, Scribd is offering 30-days of free access to its... Continue Reading →

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