Time for Learning New Things

Everyone is feeling the strangeness of the present time. All we hear and read about is the COVID-19 outbreak and how places and things are closing. There is always one less place to go or thing to do, and fewer things to distract us.

But there are also new opportunities, such as, more time to learn new things, and more incentives to do so. So I am starting this blog. I am also trying to learn (finally) how to use Skype and Zoom to communicate. How about you? What new things are you doing?

5 thoughts on “Time for Learning New Things

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  1. I decided to try to make homemade pasta and made ravioli with three cheeses it took two or three hours, but tasted “pretty good” according to my husband

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  2. Great idea Bonnie! I’m trying to keep busy using up some yarn making pot holders and hats. I have also stocked up on books…I currently have 16 waiting to be read. My closets are getting a good weeding out of cloths that haven’t been worn in a long time as well as my kitchen cupboards. There are so many things about everyday life that I am not going to take for granted when this whole thing is over…stay safe.

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  3. I am discovering gifts of this slow time. I have been writing poetry, continuing my spiritual/Bible studies, keeping in touch more with others by phone and notes. I discovered FaceTime on Messenger for the first time, and learned about Zoom. No excuse not to clean and do home projects, and I am cooking with more attention to it. Thanks for the blog. I like your site, actually quite impressive. Carla

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  4. I think that salt therapy could be a good idea for COV19. I’ve started soaking in epson salt baths, infusing the air with pink Himalayan salt water boing on the stove. Natural remedies Is how I’m going to approach this thing. Ramping up herbal supplements too.

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