A Writer’s Life

Working from home and in isolation is business as usual for writers.  And time spent (frittered away) on other activities is a constant temptation. There’s surfing the Internet, watching TV, gardening, baking, board games., etc. But, sometimes those Internet searches, and the email lists I subscribe to, yield information and inspiration, as well as an ephemeral sort of connection to the wider world.  Here are a few favorite web resources that I found in recent weeks.  I tried the Writer Igniter, https://diymfa.com/writer-igniter to generate ideas for short stories.  Hmm, think I have a good one, Look for it in a future post…

diyMFA:  https://diymfa.com/writing

This website provides resources to help you: “Write with Focus…  Read with Purpose…  Build Your Community.” 

I especially enjoyed their Writer Igniter, https://diymfa.com/writer-igniter.  It provides a character, a situation, a prop, and a setting—which you can randomly shuffle—to get you started on story ideas.  Give it a whirl.  

Their Write with Focus list, https://diymfa.com/writing, has articles in three categories: The Craft, Creativity, and Productivity. 

Free or Cheap Resources for Emerging Writers:

This article by Andrea Oh, an MFA student at Columbia University, published on https://electricliterature.com, lists: “Residencies, job opportunities, where to publish, how to find agents, how to pitch, and more.”  Some of these resources are well known, such as Publisher Marketplace or Manuscript Wish List.  Others were new to me, such as Submishmash Weekly, “a weekly human-curated newsletter bringing news and opportunities in publishing and other creative industries to artists, filmmakers, and writers.”  You might want to check it out.

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