Flood of Memories, paperback and eBook now available

Spring, 1969. Warm temperatures and rain quickly melt the snow, raising the specter of record flooding in Northwestern Minnesota.

The peace of Davison City is further disrupted when an elderly resident, Miss Almira Archer, suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances. Her nurse caregiver turns to Beth Williams for help. A missing will, a mysterious painting, and long-buried secrets draw Beth and her best friend, Evie Hanson, into a labyrinth of history and memories to unravel the mystery. Tinged with nostalgia for bygone days, Flood of Memories will keep you guessing right up to the end.


Like to start at the beginning of a series? The first Beth and Evie Mystery, Silent Winter Solstice, is available. Here is a description:

Winter Solstice, 1968. While most of the world is transfixed by the televised images of the first manned lunar orbit, Beth Williams rushes through the eerie quiet of her home-town city park trying to get to work on time. Suddenly, a body rolls down the hill and lands near her feet. She glimpses a shadowy figure at the top of the hill. But, before the police arrive, the body disappears and they dismiss the whole thing as a drunk who fell, was stunned, and then wandered off after regaining consciousness. However, Beth is certain that a murder was committed. She and her best friend, Evie Hanson, both mystery novel buffs, decide to investigate. The menace grows when Beth discovers she is being followed around town. Beth and Evie realize they must solve the case before it is too late.

Order now. https://a.co/d/j2aVOTe

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