The good, the bad, and spring 2022

Madeleine Albright passed away this past month. This Czech-American’s family had to flee their homeland, twice, before she was eleven years old. First, when the Nazis invaded and occupied Czechoslovakia prior to WWII her family moved to London, where they had to endure the Blitz. They moved home after the war only to once again... Continue Reading →

COVID and Vatican II

"To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time" Gather ye Rose-buds while ye may,    Old Time is still a-flying:And this same flower that smiles to day,    To morrow will be dying.The glorious Lamp of Heaven, the Sun,    The higher he's a getting;The sooner will his Race be run,    And neerer he's to Setting.That Age is best, which is the... Continue Reading →

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