The good, the bad, and spring 2022

Madeleine Albright passed away this past month. This Czech-American’s family had to flee their homeland, twice, before she was eleven years old. First, when the Nazis invaded and occupied Czechoslovakia prior to WWII her family moved to London, where they had to endure the Blitz. They moved home after the war only to once again flee, this time to the United States, after the Russians invaded.

In spite of a rough start, Ms. Albright lived a long and illustrious life, and contributed a great deal to her adopted homeland. I’m currently reading her final book, Hell and Other Destinations, for my book club. Published in 2020, it mainly covers the years after she left her service as secretary of state in January 2001. So far, it is entertaining and informative. She has a folksy style that mixes her personal recollections with world events. I recommend it.

Another bright spot, the COVID pandemic is over, at least in this country and at least for now, according to Dr. Fauci. Recent trends indicate that the current strains are easier to catch, but a lot less deadly. Hospitalization and deaths due to Covid remain low. So hurrah for that!

On a personal note, since I am vaccinated and boosted, I felt okay about once again singing with the Twin Cities Catholic Chorale. Although we are singing while wearing masks, resulting in a mouth and throat coated with fuzz, which is suboptimal. Hopefully, the orchestra will soon feel comfortable playing for us without masks, and then we can ditch them, too.

Spring is here!

Even though winter doesn’t seem to want to loosen it’s grip.

The bad encompasses much of what is going on in the world, starting with the horrific invasion of Ukraine, and ending with the self-pitying pronouncements of pampered public figures who can’t get over their little losses. Fill in the name of your choice. There are many of them out there.

To me, another negative was the recent acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk. My guess is that he wants to let the loonies out of their boxes and turn it into a nonstop screaming match for his entertainment and enrichment. That’s not for me; I dropped out.

Then there’s the weather. This April has been a legendary let-down–cold, gloomy, rainy–we still don’t have leaves on the trees. Most Aprils in Minnesota are bright and hopeful with warming weather, bike rides, and tulip blooms. On the plus side, the drought is over.

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