Caravans in the Dark Cover Reveal

I am about halfway done with the second Beth and Evie mystery book. I am also working on a historical novel titled, Caravans in the Dark, which will be published in June 2023. I used my initials B.K. Oldre, to differentiate this purely historical fiction from my mystery novels. What do you think of the cover?

The time is 1938. The place is Czechoslovakia. Unknown to Jana, a young Romany girl, the world is on the brink of a massive and destructive war. Caravans in the Dark tells the story of a young woman’s courageous fight against a powerful enemy.

Before the war begins, in a futile attempt to avert this catastrophe, the Munich Agreement turns a portion of Czechoslovakia over to the Nazis. Jana’s family is traveling in Czechoslovakia buying and selling horses. They don’t realize that they are in an area that has fallen into German hands until Jana comes face-to-face with change in the person of a young German soldier, Franz Schmidt. The family retreats to their winter camping grounds where they are contacted by members of the Czech Resistance and enlisted to help get families out of the occupied zone.

The rest of the country is occupied in the spring of 1939, and Jana’s family is forced to flee, again. They move to Prague to live with her father’s cousin. There, Jana joins three university students Otto, his brother Max, and his friend, Albert in their attempt to free their country from the Nazi overlords.

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