Did you ever want to fly away, beat it, break out, take off, and disappear? I think we have all had that impulse, from time to time, when things seem intolerable, or simply stifling. In the case of Agatha Christie, she followed through on that impulse and disappeared for eleven days.

That real event is explored by Marie Benedict in the novel, The Mystery of Mrs. Christie. Some events are known, some details are invented to fill in the gaps. Ms. Benedict imagines what led up to Agatha’s flight and how the ensuing events unfolded for the two main characters, Agatha and Archie Christie. We will never know, for sure, what happened, because Agatha took that information to her grave. I think that generation was a lot better at keeping secrets.

New York Central Park

The desire to escape is part of what attracts us to fiction. Whether it is a novel, a TV show, or a movie. For a while, we are out of our lives and into another place and time.

Disappearances haunt our imaginations. For example, Investigators continue to search for clues to what happened to Amelia Earhart. On the local level, the BCA lists 93 missing Minnesota men, women, and children from around the state.

I explore the idea of a missing person in my mystery novel, Silent Winter Solstice. The central question is, did Crystal disappear on her own, as the police believe? If not, what happened to her and who is responsible? Since the police won’t investigate, it is up to Beth and Evie to find out. If you have not yet read this book, see: for more information and links to buy it from your favorite retailer.

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